Wireless Thermometer with Radio Controlled Clock (TFA30-3034)


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This wireless thermometer consists of a base station with indoor sensor for room temperature and a remote sensor for measuring outside temperature.


Outdoor temperature wireless (433 MHz), distace range up to 100m (free field)

Indoor temperature

Maximum and minimum values.

Radio – controlled clock DCF signal but has the abiliy of + or minus 12 hours, for different time zones.

For wall mounting or table standing (display unit & transmitter).

Very simple instalation, no cable required.

Batteries 2 x AA bateries in the display and 2 x AAA batteries in the transmitter.

Display Unit indoor temperature range 0 to +60C (32 to +140F) +/-1C

Transmitter outdoor temperature range -40 to +65C (-40 to +149F) +/-1C

Size of display unit 111mm x 66mm x 26mm

Size of display 54mm x 45mm height of digits 9mm

Size of transmitter 120mm x 35mm x 16mm


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