Radio controlled Weather Station Acctim Delano (74482/3)


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Radio controlled Weather Station Acctim Delano (74482-white 74483-black)
Radio controlled mechanism has a built in receiver which is tuned into the National Physical Laboratory MSF transmitter based in Anjthorn Cumbria. The weather station with 6-12 hour weather forecasting and animated weather icon display Wet/Comfort/Dry humidity icon. Multi function display showing time,date, indoor temperature and humidity. Alarm with snooze. Wall or desk mounting. Wall mounting is by two hanging points, making it ideal for moving locations like caravans and motorhomes. Available in white or black.
Radio controlled.
AM PM indicator.
12 or 24hr display option.
Alarm clock with snooze.
Date display.
Inside temperature display.
Inside Humidity display.
Weather forecast display.
Comfort level display.
Wall or desk mounted.
Wall mounted by 2 fixing points.

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