Polyurethane Glue 5 minute


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The Lumberjack 5 minute Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid from Everbuild is a red, one part moisture curing wood adhesive which sets hard in 5 minutes. The product is supplied as a liquid which is 100% seawater proof, gives sxceptional high bond strength and is resistant to most chemicals. The product foames slightly onapplicasion to fit small gaps, this increases bond strength.

Features at a glance

– waterproofs (including sea water)
– overpaintable when dry
– interior & exterior use
– dry in just 5 minutes
– best for resistance to most chemicals and acids
– colour – brown
– D4 strength
– conforms to EN 204

Suitable for:
– wood
– metals
– brick
– stone
– concrete


One of the surfaces must be porous.

Not suitable for polyethylene, polyproperlene, teflon or nylon.

Moisture content of wood should not exceed 30%

As product expands slightly on curing, do not use on sheet laminate.

Only apply between 5C and 30C


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